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  • Could we start opting to keep Icons Shown As Of Purchase?

    By Another Beatles Listener
    Great tales; three stars; four, were the following issues finessed. As via this Store, I preferred the previous (three-panel) cover art for this book in its electronic form; that previous art selection is what I have in hardcopy; for me, that art better represents what I saw on brick-and-mortar bookstore shelves for years in terms of the small (mass-market, if you like) individual paperback novels; I am accustomed to it; cross-referencing within my library, such as it is, would tend to be a little easier that way; and it seems to me that I — like countless other purchasers — have indeed paid for access to this or that item As It Was Presented, AND as it thus should reasonably be expected to appear within the display screens of the Computer Devices owned by the purchaser of said devices and said types of media items. New marketing? Fine; this of course happens all the time. New imagery for new marketing? Fine; all part of fresh appeal. Meanwhile, I have made this or that purchase during a previous marketing cycle, which marketed a certain package I chose then . . . at that time, by way of that marketing With That Packaging: rendering irrelevant the level, degree, or nature of the Packaging when compared with its status as being Part Of That Purchase. Hence I merely ask . . . it seems to me only right that I inquire: Instead of either New and Often Unwanted Icons such as I never selected, or else a perpetual red dot enclosing such a numeral as will indicate the current number of Hovering Updates such as I am reluctant to resolve because of Unwanted Icons (be they for Book Items, when updated, or for Film and likely some TV Items — even when I have done Nothing to generate New Video Icons) . . . instead of either New and Unwanted Icons for Video Items (No Matter What, Baby) . . . or for books, on at least some of the occasions wherein I boldly venture to Accept an Update . . . or else, with books, a Hovering and Lurking Update ever Waiting to be accepted . . . instead of any of these “options”, might we at some point become able to keep a certain Packaging, aye, e’en unto some bit of Cover Art such as, well, we always Kinda Liked? I do not always dislike the new icons; this varies; I request some better array of options as to what the screen shows for my own libraries of, yes, purchased Access to certain items, ideally seen at least As Shown At Time Of Purchase; still better would be a choice of preference, “grandfathered in” from purchase time to first icon change, plus current icon through Any Icon Change(s). Wow; that would be terrific; it would make more sense to me. I just thought it worse never to ask in any way than to ask here. Thank you.
  • Loved it then, will love it now

    By ChrisArm66
    I read the paperbacks of these three books back in the 1980s (I know, dating myself), and I’m glad they’re not only available here but at such a reasonable price. I really love this series, it’s a sci-fi/fantasy classic. The mix of science and legend work so well; the way Ms McCaffrey writes is simply amazing. You enter an entirely new world, yet it’ll seem strangely familiar. These books won’t disappoint!
  • Amazing!

    By ER8Ix
    When l got this l looked and if you buy the books separately it costs 4.98 more than this. Also the books are really good. Top edition only thing wrong is my phone is old. Love getting the sample l read it like five times before l got this
  • Excellent Fantasy Trilogy

    By Dwardeng
    It's very hard to stop reading this volume of three fantastic works. Great for adults as well as children.
  • This is the one u must have

    By mackandjeff
    My1st books of Anne's, read with a dictionary! I picked it up in my childs room when she was 11. It took me forever ( talk about increasing your vocabulary while having fun),and opened up fantasy for me as not just silly stuff. It was a challenge. Just re read the entire series in order....sans dictionary and had to laugh. They are addicting. This trilogy was the very best she had and she built on that in ways I don't think have been copied. Dragons in movies have me thinking about impressing in a blink of an eye before I realize I'm doing it, to this day, The rest of the books are fascinating to read and to connect the dots, read in order works best. I imagine the story boards and cross reference system she must have had for this, in my mind. Wow, What a writer. I will definitely keep for my grand children with a dictionary close by for visits! There is just nothing like this 1st book to stir my own imagination ... And smile, .... that this one book of 3 amazing novels can still do that to me.
  • iBook version of dragon riders of pern

    By melissa white
    Love the books but disappointed in the editing. In the first book dragon flight I talks about lytol's dragon and that it was a green and a HIM but in white dragon it talks about Lytol's brown Larth.
  • The dragonriders of pern

    By Joreader
    I have nothing but praise for this story but as I read this ebook the misspellings and use of wrong words is becoming very irritating . I haven't had a book with this many in all I have purchased.
  • The White Dragon

    By Come on in ...
    This is book three in one section of the vast array of books about the "Dragon-riders of Pern!" I started with Dragon Song, and Dragon Singer, which came out in the 1970's. Then came this book, although this one is a collection also. I read them as they were written, one after the other, getting them from my local library. I would definitely recommend this series to anyone interested in fantasy, Science Fiction, and just plain wonderfully drawn people and plots..a world of them. I have read the whole series, and now, 35 years later, have reread these three books again. I love them. And, these are just the beginning. There is so much more to read in this series! I myself, will have to look for the one I am wanting, that is after This one...The White Dragon! A definite good read! Enjoy!
  • The Dragon Riders of Pern

    By Daisy Luvr
    A friend turned me on to these books years ago and I in turn gave them to my son. We both loved them and every new book was devoured as soon as it was released. We loved them then and now. I am glad that they have been released for another generation to enjoy. I keep hoping someone will make them into movies so we could watch good dragons fly. Read them and you will be hooked too!!
  • Wonderful!

    By Feenannee
    Of all the worlds of authors' imagination, Pern holds a special magic. I've re-read this book time and time again, enjoying every scene as the characters come to life in my mind's eye. Thank you, Anne for this wonderful gift!

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