Warriors #1: Into the Wild - Erin Hunter

Warriors #1: Into the Wild

By Erin Hunter

  • Release Date - Published: 2009-10-13
  • Book Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Erin Hunter
Our rating: 5/5 stars

4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 2,111 Ratings)

Warriors #1: Into the Wild Erin Hunter read online review & book description:

Epic adventures. Fierce warrior cats. A thrilling fantasy world. It all begins here.

Read the book that began a phenomenon—and join the legion of fans who have made Erin Hunter’s Warriors series a #1 national bestseller.

For generations, four Clans of wild cats have shared the forest according to the laws laid down by their ancestors. But the warrior code has been threatened, and the ThunderClan cats are in grave danger. The sinister ShadowClan grows stronger every day. Noble warriors are dying—and some deaths are more mysterious than others.

In the midst of this turmoil appears an ordinary housecat named Rusty… who may turn out to be the bravest warrior of them all.

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Warriors #1: Into the Wild book review Warriors #1: Into the Wild ePUB; Erin Hunter; Fantasy books.

Posted Reviews

  • Best Warrior Cats Series Hands Down!

    By Firestar of ThunderClan
    I've been reading these books from day one and am hooked to this day! The newest series that has come out is nothing like the original. The story is far more interesting compared to only focusing on one or two characters (aka Bramblestar and Squirrelflight... :( ) I love this book and highly recommend it.
  • Noooooo

    By kasy268
    Don’t die on me Lionheart! “Hallie please! Take my kits! They will be safer with you!” Rainpuddle begged. Hallie thought for a while. “Fine. But I don’t have any milk to feed them. Jessie has to do it.” Hallie nodded. Jessie, a mother to 6, was a dog, a golden retriever to be exact. Jessie didn’t really talk to cats. Hallie scooped the kits inside. Jessie, unhappy because of the chatting at night, gasped. Hallie took the kits with Jessie pups, and they slept soundly. “Who’s are they?” Jessie barked. “My sister’s. There in trouble of being killed.” Hallie told the dog. Jessie nodded and went to sleep. Hallie jumped on the couch, and circled before laying and falling asleep. (5 moons later) Moon tackled her brother, while her two sisters, Molly and Cinder, attacked their dog sisters, Callie, Amelia, and Lucy. Moon has always wondered why they had dog sisters, but Jessie nor Hallie told them. Moon was ginger, stripped with brown, while Molly, Cinder, and their brother, Lightning, was white with black stripes, like Hallie. Hallie was napping on the sofa. A knock on the window awakened her. Molly and Cinder ran up to the window. Opening it, Hallie looked at the silver tom that had appeared on the windowsill. “Hi. I’m Batwing.” The tom said. He had a blue collar on, and it said “Batwing” on the front. Moon looked at the silver tom. He had blue appealing eyes. His coat shimmered in the sun, and Moon blushed with embarrassment. Batwing came inside and looked at the cats and dogs that messed around. His blue eyes stopped at Moon. “What are you doing here?” Hallie asked. “I just thought I could come over here and say hi to my new neighbors.” “You must be new to Twolegplace.” Moon pelted the silver tom. “My Twolegs are so unbearable.” Batwing shook his head. Hallie’s ears perked once more. “Molly! Cinder! Twolegs coming to feed us, so stay away from your dog sisters until you are done eating.” She called Moon’s sisters. Brb! Blueshade of OwlClan
  • A great book!

    By donut Unicorn 🍩🦄
    Hi I am a big wings of fire fan and when I heard about this book series and that Tui T Sutherland (the author of wings of fire) help to right it I tried it out right away and it was amazing it had great characters and a great plot and was so easy to get rapt up in to although it does get a little graphic and violent so I would not recommend them to kids under 9
  • Amazing!!!

    By Joe Bro 😎
    I love this book so much! I stay awake until 2:00 at night reading this book! Series one is the best 6 books of all of warriors! This whole series is my favorite series of books ever!

    By Movie is good
    Like for real. I have never read a better book I read them so fast I read some bad reviews but they are wrong the book is so goo I would suggest it to anyone if you are thinking about reading it DONT HESITATE. Second Denwal what’s your problem I mean it’s a good book you probably have bees in your brain, have bit of imagination.
  • I am blown away

    By gabbymingo
    Who is denwall ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!! I’m so cunfuzzled
  • Go Warriors!!

    By ..Donut11..
    Warriors is by far the best series ever, only followed by Wings of Fire and Percy Jackson. I love the suspense and desperation that is woven into every word in the Warriors series. Most characters are built fantastically, some making you want to cry at their deaths, some making you want to kill them, but that just means they are incredibly built. Warriors can’t go on forever, but I can’t help hoping it will, and I hope you agree with me. P.S. I read the person called Denwal’s review, and seriously, it was lame. First of all, Denwal person, this is fiction, you idiot. Of course, you’d need some brain cells to know that. These are books about talking cats that live in the forest. You can’t expect it to be perfectly realistic. And what do you know about cats living in the forest? I bet you haven’t actually found a forest and searched it thoroughly for cats, have you? And cats are smart, unlike you, they can hide in places you wouldn’t even think to look. I think that covers it all. Oh, one last thing. I hate you. And I think many others would agree... Sincerely, Streamcloud of RiverClan
  • Soooooo funny

    By Jack Skellington boi
    I love how the different characters roast each other sometimes in this whole entire saga.
  • Hello!

    By Dragons_Review's
    First of all... DENWAL SHUT UP AND GO AWAY. (Brings in her pet dragon) Shadow Bearings I remember only nothing. Just a lifeless figure floating in a dark, vast, empty space. Small dots of yellow light start to slowly shift around and glow as if they have no care. It was all blank. Mind. Body. Gone. Just a figure. Then I remember things. The terrible ripping of organs, the smell of tangy crimson blood. And me. Staring in horror at the one creature I had loved most tearing me apart. It filled me so quickly like a waterfall that had been unblocked. The realization hit me so hard I might have fallen out of the strange place. Feelings filled me. My body started to come back. Only it wasn’t mine. I had pale orange fur with stripes of pale yellow running across me like a raceway. I saw my own eyes, reflecting blue like a pool filled of moon. A white star laid on my head just on my forehead. Long furry legs start to grow out from my thin, sleek, soft body. My tail grows long and bushy like a squirrel. My pink nose shines brightly as the space around me starts glowing brighter and brighter. Finally it just turns pure white. And my world is turned upside down. Shadow Bearings (One year later) Summer jumped up to the cold cabinet. The wood smell reeked in her nose and mouth, washing out any other senses. The cat watched patiently as another sleek black cat walked into the kitchen and padded over to his food bowl. Summer crouched low, her whiskers twitching in amusement. She backed up against the wall and wagged her tail. The tom was downwind and didn’t smell her and the damp woody smell covered her scent. He crouched and started to chew on the little brown pellets in his bowl. Summer raised her hindquarters and pounced. She yowled as she aimed for the tom. The tom whirled around, his eyes slits and pellets spilling from his muzzle. He hissed and tried to get away but he was too slow and Summer pinned him. “Ha! I win again. You owe me big time!” She mewed and stifled a laugh. Rain pattered the windows as the tom pushed her off. “Stop it, Summer. I’m too old for this.” He said turning back to his food. “Says who?! You barely go out of the den now, Clover.” She said wistfully looking at the old cat. Clover stopped eating, his fur went on end and he turned around in fury. “Says me! I’m going on the box all the time and I’m taken to the large cold den too! And who’s fault do you think that is?” He hissed. “Look. It was an accident! How was I supposed to know you would follow me?” “Any cat would have known to follow you! You are reckless and dangerous. If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have had to fallen off that tree into a fox’s nest. You pushed me off deliberately. I could have gotten killed if the housefolk didn’t bring out the loud sticks.” He said. “You know what? I’m gonna leave.” “GOOD! You better stay out, ‘Dummer’” “Shut up, Clover!” Summer said before going out of the flap. She padded across the wet grass and jumped up to the fence. Two walls sat beside her and stretched their arms to touch each other and covered her from the rain. She sighed and curled up into a ball. It wasn’t her fault that she had almost killed him in the tree. Summer noticed a figure moving along in the grass. “Hello? Is someone there?” She asked looking out into the field. The rain started to slow and the night sky glowed more. The figure stopped and looked at her. Then it sniffed and bolted towards the forest. Summer followed it. “Hey, wait! I don’t want to hurt you! Please stop!” She called but the black figure didn’t stop, instead it turned around and bolted at her. Then the figure came into view. It was a cat. It yowled and slashed her face. Summer shrieked and slashed back, tearing out a piece of his ear. He yowled and tackled her. He pinned her and then leapt back and bolted into the forest. Summer stared back at him before getting up. She walked back to her den and went into the flap. Her housefolk stared in horror at her and started to put some weird gel on it. Summer didn’t notice. In fact. The only thing she was thinking about was the cat that had mysteriously showed up near her den. She looked at the window in suspicion and fell asleep. I FLIPPIN LOVE WARRIOR CATS. ITS SO GOOD I EVEN GOT MY BEST FRIEND TO READ IT. ITS SO ADDICTIVE I LOVE IT. AND THE WAY THE CATS ACT IS SORTA LIKE TODAY. EEEEP!
  • Great

    By dateline nerd
    This book series is so great I finished the 6 books in the series in 2 months!

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