The Mint Julep Murders - Angie Fox

The Mint Julep Murders

By Angie Fox

  • Release Date - Published: 2019-04-25
  • Book Genre: Cozy
  • Author: Angie Fox
Our rating: 5/5 stars

4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 169 Ratings)

The Mint Julep Murders Angie Fox read online review & book description:

From New York Times bestselling author Angie Fox

For Southern girl Verity Long, friendship means sitting down to stories and sweet tea on the front porch. For her gangster ghost housemate, it means dragging Verity out to a remote haunted asylum during a raging thunderstorm to do a favor for a long-dead mob boss.

But Verity is always ready to help out a friend, even one as eternally eccentric as Frankie. And in the case of Mint Julep Manor, the stakes are too high to refuse. The criminally insane mob boss holds a secret to Frankie's past, one that might set Frankie free. Do the favor--survive the favor--and they might change Frankie's afterlife for good. Fail, and they might never leave the asylum.

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5 Stars!  “This author is fantastic.”

5 Stars!  “Be prepared to binge read.”

5 Stars!  “I literally stayed up all night reading because I couldn’t put it down.”

5 Stars!  “Wonderful series, I've read them all and they just keep getting better and better.”

Rating: Clean and Wholesome

Paranormal Cozy Mystery Romance (with a cute pet skunk!)

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The Mint Julep Murders book review The Mint Julep Murders ePUB; Angie Fox; Cozy books.

Posted Reviews

  • Quick Enjoyable Read

    By 1BizzyReader
    Verity, Ellis and of course Frankie head out to a Haunted Asylum! "Que The Creepy Music" They are dead set on a visit to the otherworldly prison to Frankie's old mob boss for answers to Frankie's past. The otherworldly prison that was once located on Verity's property has been moved to A Haunted Asylum called Mint Julep Manor. In exchange for access to the Manor Verity must help the current owner Barbara get some dirty on the current ghostly inhabitants to boost her Haunted Asylum tours. Barbara is in debt deep, and needs to start racking in some dough quickly, or she'll lose the Asylum!! What was supposed to be a quick tour, and talk with Frankie's old boss end up being a murderous adventure. This one was just a little better than OK for me!!! It has an interesting premise, and I love the main characters. However I kind of felt like the asylum, and ghosts there were not as creepy as they could have been. I was not fond of the ending at all it winds down way to quick and easy for me. Which is weird because generally I love this series. I felt like if the author was going to tackle an Asylum she should have brought the creep factor ,but this one is more just hokey. I didn't really feel like the main characters were ever in danger. That may be because Verity, and gang always make it out mostly unscathed with just their ego's a little bruised, and its becoming an old hat, or that this one just fell flat for me. It all starts our with the name of the Asylum nothing says scary like Mint Julep Manor...... well not really LOL! I think I just felt like nothing bad could happen in the Julep Manor. Overall it was a quick enjoyable read, but just not very believable for me. I received this book in exchange for an honest review, my review is in no way enhanced because of this!!
  • Highly recommend

    By Angeladarrknessradiofollower
    Loved this book. Angie gave us another fun and entertaining story! Great for anyone interested in a fun read with romance, mystery, paranormal, with a little bit of suspense. Verity Long is a smart and quirky heroine that you can't help but root for. Verity and Frankie seem to find trouble every where they go but always manage to end up on top. Verity has the ability to make the best of every situation and some how find a way to help a wayward ghost no matter how dire the situation. Can Verity finally help Frankie? Can Verity and Ellis survive a real live haunted house? Has Verity finally met a ghost she can't charm?
  • Loved it - wow!

    By Hyrollin
    All I can say is WOW!! It's been awhile since I sat down to enjoy reading a book and ended up finishing it the same day. Verity, her boyfriend Ellis and ghostly sidekick Frankie visit a haunted insane asylum in attempt to fnd out who killed Frankie and free him from Verity's family home. They are there to see a ghost from Frankie's past. They end up trapped inside until a murder is solved. Haunted insane asylum, power outage, no phone service, thunderstorm, and a murderer among them. Verity spends time getting to know some of the residents of Mint Julep Manor and trying to help them and get help from them to solve the murder that prevents the living guests from leaving. Ellis and Verity's relationship continues to grow. Frankie has another lead to help gain his freedom. I can't wait to see where the next story in this series takes us next .. haunted school? hotel? museum? penitentiary? historical landmark? I thought the haunted mansion in the previous book in this series was great, this location was even better. I loved it - thank you Angie for introducing us to all these wonderful colorful characters.
  • Mint Julep Murders by Angie Fox

    By ReadingOverTV2
    The Mint Julep Murders by Angie Fox Probably the most intense ghostbusters book to date. Could be read as a standalone unlike others as it takes place in mostly one location. 8th book In the Southern ghost hunting gangster cozy mystery series. A bit more on the scary ghost side of things when Verity, Ellis and ghost Frankie get locked inside a former insane asylum. One filled with lots of ghosts and a killer. Intense and on-edge for the majority of the book. I love revisiting with this group and sure hope Verity and Ellis continue to work together. And the ghost translator app is genius! Excerpt of Verity talking with two ghost hunters: “What does your new machine do?” I pressed. Brett looked up and he took a second to process my question. “Oh,” he said, “it measures the spectramanomic frequency of the beta waves emitted by spectral entities and uses a magnetic pulse to intensify the signal.” He’d lost me on spectramanomic. “Give me the simple version,” I pressed. The guys exchanged a look. “That was the simple version,” Brett said, not even bothering to sugarcoat it. I started to speak, but Cash broke in, “Look, it basically magnifies a ghost. But like I told Brett, that’s a bad idea in a haunted asylum.” “Because we need to test it out on ghost crickets or something,” Brett said, throwing up a hand like an Italian grandmother. “We could visit a haunted convent,” Cash suggested, “ask really nicely if any of the nuns would let us use it.” “Or maybe we could ask some nice old lady about ghost kittens,” Brett added sarcastically. “I know a ghost horse,” I told him.” Excerpt From The Mint Julep Murders by Angie Fox This material may be protected by copyright.
  • Surprises in the 8th book of the SGH series.

    By 17krista
    The eighth installment of the Southern Ghost Hunter series, The Mint Julep Murders, finds Verity Long, her formerly alive sidekick Frankie, and cop boyfriend Ellis trapped in the previously abandoned Pikesville Sanatorium dubbed Mint Julep Manor. Located in a neighboring county, the trio is on a mission to get some answers about Frankie’s untimely demise decades earlier. They meet current owner, Barbara, who is intent on turning the facility into a destination spot for ghost hunters, and a couple visiting for the ghost experience who have some underlying motives. When one of the small group is found dead, Verity must connect with the spectral plane and the long dead residents of the asylum to unmask the killer among them. What she finds brings a new understanding of what is possible in the present world, as well as the spirit world. My favorite part of this series is the thoughtful and respectful way author Angie Fox has her protagonist interact with the dead. Obviously these are fictional characters, but many settings have some basis in actual historical events or practices. This particular book deals with the cruel and torturous treatments inflicted on mental health patients, once upon a time, and Verity’s commitment to helping the Manor’s long dead residents overcome the lasting effects of the horrible things they endured in life. Another fantastic fast paced read, this continues to be one of my favorite mystery series because of the interesting and complex characters, the unexpected plot twists, and the descriptive writing that Fox excels at. If you enjoy mysteries that aren’t terribly dark, mixed with paranormal fun, memorable characters, and a little Southern flavor, this series is for you. So whether you pick up a hard copy or add this to your electronic reader, make sure you don’t miss The Mint Julep Murders.
  • Another great entertaining and spooky read.

    By Linda535
    Angie Fox has given us another wonderful Southern Ghost Hunter mystery. It’s a little bit murder mystery, a little ghost story, a tiny bit romance and special skunk, and a lot creepy. Our heroine Verity accidentally tied a deceased mobster to her rose garden when she dumped his urn on her roses. Until he accomplishes some unknown, he can’t leave her property unless she takes his urn with her. They discovered that he can share some of his ghostly powers with Verity, so she can see and sometimes interact with the ghosts and the past. Verity, Frankie, and Ellis, Verity’s boyfriend, get dragged into various ghostly and mortal mysteries that are both a little scary and a lot of entertainment. This book is one of Angie Fox’s best yet. It involves a haunted asylum with disturbed and haunted ghosts and Verity and Frankie, with Ellis’s help, still looking for a way to free Frankie. The ghosts don’t want anyone to know the truth of what happened there. What ensues is a very interesting and hair-raising quest to solve several ghostly mysteries and keep the humans alive. Angie fox is a terrific writer who ties together the 1920’s gangster past and Southern present with very fascinating and spooky happenings along the way. This book is among her best and the series keeps getting more enjoyable all the time.
  • Highly recommended series and author!

    By Sasmith361
    This was by far the most intense Southern Ghost Hunter book to date. I couldn't put it down until I devoured every last page! While there are some callbacks to the rest of the series this could easily be read as a stand alone novel. This series has been getting better and better and while I definitely enjoy the cozier side of the first few novels it was nice to have one that was fairly dark, although I definitely don't want the series to go that way entirely either. I can't wait to see where the rest of the series goes and if Frankie can every gain his freedom, and if he will even want it if he does. I assume Verity will be too far under his skin to ever break up the team. Hopefully Ellis and Verity can keep their relationship going after the events of this book, because I really want to see some more snarkiness between Verity and Virginia, Ellis's mother. Highly recommended series and author!
  • Craziness of Ghosts

    By math wizard
    Excellent mystery! Ghosts give another meaning to mysteries! Ghosts who can kill on different levels is entirely different. Verity and Ellis are on a mission to help Frankie. You will learn how Ellis is concerned about what Verity does now for a living and Frankie is in for an eye opening revelation. Be ready for the surprising plots twists and who stands up for who. Lots of unusual things happen at the Mint Julep Manor and you will be surprised The ending is well done and there is closure for some but there are a couple of unanswered questions. Will Verity and Ellis’s relationship survive and will Frankie get the answer to some questions and be freed from Verity’s home? I do recommend this book and the entire series!
  • A chilling adventure

    By Kris Anderson, The Avid Reader
    The Mint Julep Murders may be the eighth story in The Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries, but it can be read as a standalone. Verity’s background and Frankie’s is included for new readers. The Mint Julep Murders is not as light as the previous books. It is darker and more intense (they are in an insane asylum). Angie Fox’s conversational writing style makes for a pleasurable reading experience. The story grabbed me right away and I kept reading to find out what would happen next. Verity, Ellis and Frankie know to be cautious, but this is beyond what they expected. This trip really opens Ellis’s eyes to the dangers of Verity’s job. The decrepit asylum was the perfect setting for this creepy whodunit. Add in an odd assortment of humans, unique spirits, creepy treatment rooms, strange noises and chill breezes. Verity, with her positive outlook on life, manages to put an upbeat spin on their situation. She is so sweet with her Southern manners and tries to befriend every being she encounters. Verity has a new gingham bag that sounds adorable. Lucy is not with Verity on this adventure, but she is mentioned. The lucky skunk is staying with Melody, Verity’s sister, and gets to visit the library for Take Your Pet to Work Day. The murder has Verity and Ellis wondering which of their companions could have committed the crime. Verity questions the ghostly inhabitants of the asylum. Levi with his room of books was my favorite. Two college ghost hunters have invented a ghost translator app (very clever of them) which leads to some humorous moments. Frankie adds levity with his witty retorts. At one point Frankie exclaims “shoot me now” and Verity replies “I would, but somebody beat me to it”. I loved the ending and I cannot wait to find out what Verity and Frankie get into next time. Come along with Verity, Frankie and Ellis on their latest spooky and chilling escapade in The Mint Julep Murders.

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