Dirty Rich Betrayal - Lisa Renee Jones

Dirty Rich Betrayal

By Lisa Renee Jones

  • Release Date - Published: 2018-09-26
  • Book Genre: Suspense
  • Author: Lisa Renee Jones
Our rating: 5/5 stars

4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 291 Ratings)

Dirty Rich Betrayal Lisa Renee Jones read online review & book description:

Book one of Mia and Grayson's duet

Grayson Bennett.

He's a billionaire, a lawyer, the king of the world to some. A professed lifelong bachelor. A man who took his father's business and fortune and turned marginal success into an empire. Now someone is threatening that empire and he's going to burn them to the ground. But he'll need the help of one person. He'll need her.

That woman is Mia Cavanaugh, criminal attorney, ex-lover, a woman who believes he betrayed her, a woman who could burn him to the ground, but she won't. Because she loves him. Because he loves her, and it's time that she sees the truth of the past.

Now, he's handing her the key to his future. He's giving her the chance to burn him to the ground. He's letting her see the real man beneath the surface that not even she's seen in the past. She has to decide what to do with that man. Love him or destroy him.

Book two: Dirty Rich Betrayal: Love Me Forever out on May 12, 2020

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Posted Reviews

  • An enjoyable read with lots of feels

    By PipsMom
    Book 4 in the Dirty Rich series, while there's some crossover from earlier books it's pretty minimal, so this would work well read as a standalone. Grayson and Mia are interesting characters; intelligent, passionate and protective, and both willing to fight when necessary. There lots of chemistry between them, and you really feel the emotions in this second chance romance. There are plenty of great secondary characters as well. I was especially intrigued by Eric (I have a weakness for ex-military types) and I'm looking forward to getting his story. As always with this author, I enjoyed the touches of suspense that helped keep the plot moving. I did have a few problems with this book, though. I was initially confused, thinking maybe I had somehow missed a book somewhere, but a lot of this story was told through flashbacks. I'm not a fan as they interrupt the story flow for me and these were kind of all over the place, time wise, which made it difficult to build a timeline of events in my head. I also felt there were times where Grayson and Mia just kept covering the same ground without making much progress. An enjoyable read with lots of feels, this just wasn't at the same level for me as the previous books in the series. 3.5 to 4 stars B2B Kelly
  • heated emotion, lots of suspense, and passion

    By DJGonzo69
    Dirty Rich Betrayal starts off with a bang, with Mia going back to her soulmate, the man who betrayed her, Grayson Bennett. They've been apart for a year, ever since he betrayed her. The rest of their second chance is filtered to us through both their POVs, weaving from past to present, showing us what tore them apart and what eventually brings them back together. I felt their pain, their anger, and their love. Dirty Rich Betrayal is another solid entry in the Dirty Richseries. It's not my favorite, but Grayson and Mia are an intense couple, willing to sacrifice everything for the other, so I couldn't not like them. Lisa Renee Jones never fails to deliver stories with heated emotion, lots of suspense, and passion, and Dirty Rich Betrayal is no exception. Can't wait for the next story in this series!
  • I knew I was going to love Grayson's story! 5 Dirty Rich Stars!!!! Elizabeth @ Carolina Chic's Read

    By easwain
    I knew I was going to love Grayson's story! 5 Dirty Rich Stars!!!! Elizabeth @ Carolina Chic's Read Lisa throws you right into the turmoil in this story and It's my favorite so far! Elizabeth @ Carolina Chic's Read I felt like I was watching a movie with the way the story opened; she threw us right into it.... SO PERFECT! I loved how we got flashbacks to all the important parts of their relationship. How is it that I am falling in love more with each story and Grayson is no exception. This man is DEVOTED to his woman. He is hands down in love, and Mia is the perfect pairing for him. She is the perfect Queen to help him run his empire! With deception, honor, integrity and betrayal you will be hooked!
  • A must read!

    By shellyburger73
    I started this book last night and didn’t really put it down, except to sleep and eat. Dirty Rich Betrayal is the fourth book in the Dirty Rich series. All of the books can be read as stand alone’s. Although, Lisa is so good at crossing characters over from book to book or from series to series. I love that! This one isn’t any different. Walker Security makes an appearance in this one. I love it!!! The chemistry between Grayson and Mia is explosive! There are so many hurt feelings and anger. But the two of them work really hard to put the past in the past and to overcome the betrayal that had occurred. I also love how humble Grayson is even though he is a billionaire. And Mia not having a care in the world that he is either. Such a great couple! A must read! You will not be disappointed!
  • Loved It

    By sissymae68
    DIRTY RICH BETRAYAL by Lisa Renee Jones is book Four in the Dirty Rich Betrayal series. This is the story of Mia Cavanaugh and Grayson Bennett. Mia and Grayson had sparks flying from the start but she did try to not have any hot encounters with him so that she wouldn't get a reputation of sleeping her way to the top. Then a betrayal happened that broke them apart now almost a year later it seems a second chance is coming to them. But they will have to deal with the past and present issue which leads to this book going back and forth in their relationship. Another great story in this series! Loved it!
  • Dirty Rich Betrayal

    By Tastywordgasms
    Dirty Rich Betrayal is book 4 in the Dirty Rich series. Each story can be read as a standalone. This is Mia Cavanaugh and Grayson Bennett’s story. Both are attorney’s but, Grayson is the one with all the money and power. Although, one could argue for which one has the power in the relationship between the 2 of them. Grayson believes that Mia betrayed him with a rival and Mia believes that Grayson betrayed her by sleeping with another woman. There are points in this story that grab you and you need to find out what happens next. There is also a lot of rehashing their “Betrayal” throughout the book. They have a lot to work out from when they thought they were betrayed by each other. Dirty Rich Betrayal is another suspense driven book to read. I give this book 4 stars. Now I need to go back and read Book Two: Dirty Rich Cinderella Story to get ready for Book 5 Dirty Rich Cinderella Story: Ever After. Cole and Lori’s second book.
  • Love Mia and Grayson ❤️😍

    By Tammyemd
    Once again Lisa Renee Jones has captivated you and made you feel you are sitting there watching the whole story play out in front of you. We met Grayson Bennett in Dirty Rich Obsession. The 3rd book in Dirty Rich series. Mia and Grayson story has a lot of ups and downs. Grayson had crushed Mia. Mia has not seen Grayson in a year and has to go see him. That is where this story starts off. There is flashbacks to tell you the whole story. There is some Walker Security in this book too. So I love this book all the way around.
  • Dirty Rich Betrayal

    By Luludx5
    I think this may be my favorite Dirty Rich Book! They are all so great. This is Grayson Bennett's story. You meet him in Book #3 Dirty Rich Obsession and there was something alluring and mysterious about the man that intrigued me. Book #4 starts off intensely as Mia Cavanaugh, Grayson's ex, shows up at his door. To say Grayson is surprised is an understatement, but what Mia says to him truly shocks him. The two have a convoluted past, an incredible love affair, shattered and left unresolved, leaving them both tethered and undone at the same time. Mia's news has them making a connection again and both need to decide will they be able to trust each other or will they be betrayed again. Their chemistry is off the charts as is evident just by one kiss. I loved finding out about how they fell in love, Grayson and Mia's relationships with Grayson's father, and ultimately what their betrayals were about. In the end, their realizations are startling and it's as if they truly can have their second chance if only they live long enough to have it. I loved this angsty, truly romantic, thrilling story and would love to have more of Grayson & Mia!!!!
  • Past and present Mia and Grayson stole my heart! ❤️

    By laltt
    I love this series and Dirty Rich Betrayal is no exception. We met Grayson in the prior book and he was intriguing. He’s a mixture of power and vulnerability. He loves with his whole being. She’s left him twice and when she walks through the door to his Hamptons estate, he knows he will do anything; ANYTHING to hold onto her...for the rest of his life. Mia is passionate about her work, her father. Although she’s walked away from Grayson, twice, there is no other for her and there never will be. Dissecting what led to their downfall reveals more than insecurities and an underlying fear. There a third party pulling strings they didn’t see coming. Enter Walker Security (yesssssss!) and a plan is devised to take down this master manipulator. But at what cost? Her life? His? Both characters have too much pride, neither wanting to ask the other for help, always putting the other first but without discussion. Good trait? Yes but also bad. I hope Eric can get a story because I’m liking him as a character and warrior for both Grayson and Mia! Finding their way back to each other, and putting the past to rest, concentrating on the here and now, is what truly led to the future. And the lighthouse? The epitome of romance. Sweet, tender, passionate, vulnerable and open. Some of my favorite scenes occur there. Past and present Mia and Grayson stole my heart. ❤️❤️❤️
  • The First Cut [of Betrayal] is the Deepest!

    By starstacy
    Oh, how I love a new Lisa Renee Jones book, especially this series! This book is about Mia & Grayson, & we have previously met Grayson in Dirty Rich Obsession (but you don’t need to read that book to understand this one). This book had me at the beginning & never let me go. Both Mia & Grayson made bad decisions/choices that they each think is a betrayal which cuts them both deeply. The story goes back & forth between past & present to give us the story of how those decisions came about, the consequences & how they mend their relationship while fighting Grayson’s enemy. I knew the author was telling the story this certain way for maximum impact, & it worked for me! I felt every moment of Mia & Grayson’s journey & was rooting for them the whole time. I loved Grayson’s Alpha tendencies & protectiveness yet vulnerability, & I loved Mia’s feistiness. Such a good book that you will not regret reading!

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