Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books I Wish Had More Kissing

February 7, 2017 Features 3

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This is a place where you can share all of your lists with other list lovers out there. There’s a new theme every week to center your list around. This week, the theme is all about top ten things that you wish that books have more of. I stuck with the original theme of kissing since kissing books are simply my thing. I look forward to seeing what everyone else comes up with.

1. The Truth About Forever


There are a number of Sarah Dessen books out there that belong on this list. I settled on The Truth About Forever because it’s the one that really stands out to me due to it’s lack of kissing. Come on Wes and Macy, you need to kiss A LOT more than you actually do.

2. First & Then


Devon and Ezra were one of my absolute favorite couples last year. However, there is definitely a severe lack of kissing throughout the book. I’m not going to lie, I swoon over literally every single interaction that the two have throughout the story. But I believe that they would have been made even better with more kissing.

3. The Sky is Everywhere


I’m honestly still pissed off about the kissing that happens between Lennie and Toby. However, I absolutely adore Joe and Lennie together. Joe is one of my all time favorite book boyfriends for sure. Joe and Lennie need more kissing scenes, and poor Toby needs to be gone entirely.

4. Anna and the French Kiss


I do like that the romance in this book moves at a realistic pace. However, I will never ever object to even more kissing scenes between them. There honestly wasn’t enough for me.

5. Jellicoe Road


This is one of my all time favorite books. Jonah and Taylor are probably my OTP. I go back and read literally every single kissing scene that happens probably a little too frequently. There’s really only like three or four BIG kissing scenes between them, and I need about one hundred more than that.

6. Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda


My feelings on Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda are pretty similar to Jellicoe Road. I go back and read the adorable scenes that happen between Blue and Simon all the time. It just never gets old to me. However, I would be cool with Becky revealing Blue’s identity a little earlier just so we get more actual kissing.

7. Faking Normal


Faking Normal is a pretty heavy book that touches on the serious subject of rape and the aftermath of it. Bodee was such a swoony and amazing friend to Alexi even before they started dating. I don’t think that Courtney could have written this book any better, it’s already basically perfect. Selfishly though, I’d love to have more kissing scenes.

8. The Scorpio Races


Wow, this book is seriously amazing. I wanted a ridiculously long time to read it, but I’m glad that I finally got to it. Anyway, Sean and Puck make an awesome team to say the least. I get that there’s more important issues going on in the book like the actual races. But the romance was also a highlight for me and I would’ve loved to have more kissing scenes.

9. P.S. I Like You


Kasie West isn’t capable of writing a bad novel in my book. She always writes the cutest and swooniest romances. P.S. I Like You is probably one of my absolute favorites. I loved the whole hate to love thing that they had going on, but I could have used even more kissing scenes.

10. More Happy Than Not


This is actually the only book on this list that I don’t really consider to be a romance. Yes, there’s romance that goes on throughout it, but it’s rather subtle and not the central focus. It’s more about the main character coming to terms with his sexual identity. I think that it could use more kisses and romance just because it’s depressing as hell. There needs to be more kissing just to lighten things up a bit. Seriously, the title is extremely misleading, there’s not much happiness in it. But it’s still a fabulous book and I highly recommend it! It’s just more heavier than what I normally read.

So that’s my list for the week. I felt like the topic this week was such a fun one to do! Truthfully, I could probably come up with a lot more titles than just these ones, but I’ll spare you guys the rest of them. What books did you guys  pick for your list? Share them with me! I love looking at what other people come up with. I hope you guys have a great rest of the week!

3 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books I Wish Had More Kissing”

  1. Grace Xie

    I felt like Anna and the French Kiss was perfect, but then again I wouldn’t be against some more kissing between Anna and St. Clair XD Great list 🙂